Commissioned Corporate Art

Through a thought-filled process, Pamela Alderman plans, strategizes, and then masterfully crafts custom indoor or outdoor artwork. Such original designs involve ongoing conversations with the client to integrate their perspective throughout the creative process. Each one-of-a-kind piece highlights the business's core values or how the organization contributes to the health of communities. Pamela develops specific concepts to fit any budget, timeline, or location. Her collaborative approach, creative ideas, and sensitivity to the client's context all culminate into stunning creative works.

Pamela is an adaptable artist and was so much fun to work with. I was amazed at how well she grasped what I was thinking and turned it into a reality that stretched well beyond my initial thought—showing off her true talent.

Curt Mulder
President, Wolverine Building Group
Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Interior Corporate Art

Cityscape No. 1 commissioned art

This multi-layered Plexiglass cityscape was especially created for Wolverine Building Group of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Cityscape No. 1 (detail) Cityscape No. 1 (detail)

Cityscape No. 1 (detail), Mixed media, 64 x 32 x 4 inches, 2017.

Cityscape commissioned art at Wolverine Building Group headquarters

Wolverine Building Group's headquarters proudly features the finished commission.

Exterior Corporate Art

Cut Short Veterans Memorial Garden

The various lengths of the Cut Short posts represent those who served and those whose lives were “cut short.”

Workers installing posts during construction of the Memorial Garden Workers installing Cut Short Veterans Memorial Garden sign during construction

The Cut Short Veterans Memorial Garden is located on the grounds of the Village Arts Factory in Canton, Michigan.

Pamela helping with her commissioned project Finished posts with plaques Finished Veterans Memorial Garden
Every detail of Cut Short turned out incredible! Thank you not only for collaborating with us but also for all you do for veterans and your missions.

Jill Engel
Executive Director
Partnership for the Arts and Humanities

Examples of plaques to help honor veterans

To honor your loved ones with a personalized memorial plaque at the to Cut Short installation, contact Partnership for the Arts and Humanities.

See Cut Short featured in this video…