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Interactive Healing Installations

Radical hospitality artist Pamela Alderman creates a new kind of art that lets others speak and respond. Since her art is very much collaborative and interactive, we would love for you to be part of this journey. Join our team and help support Pamela's work.

ArtPrize Ten visitors interacting with Pamela's Broken Wings installation
I could not hold back my tears. Thank you so much for creating a work of art that we could all be a part of and leave our mark on… Pedro – Visitor response
The Scarlet Cord exhibit at ArtPrize 2014
Pamela Alderman is a very talented artist, but she is much more than that. She is a woman concerned about a greater artistic endeavor—the protection, welfare, freedom, dignity and worth of all women. Her exhibit “The Scarlet Cord,” masterfully opens the eyes of the public to the sad and destructive world of human trafficking. She exposes the dark side, but is always ready to show the path to redemption and healing.

Michael Cook
Manager of Programs, Acton Institute

ArtPrize, a huge international art competition that attracts a half a million visitors, ushered Pamela's early work onto a gigantic stage—even though she was just returning to painting. During ArtPrize, Pamela discovered that her work had expanded beyond individual paintings to creating interactive installations where visitors experienced art's powerful potential to heal.

Healing Tree filled with Hope Cards
Just the act of writing the message…I was part of the healing process. Visitor response

ArtPrize 2011 visitor response

In 2011, Braving the Wind—a depiction of a young woman's cancer battle combined with an interactive Healing Tree—invited visitors to honor loved ones who struggled with cancer. Nearly 20,000 visitors participated by hanging notes on the tree. Many shed tears. Pamela recalls, “As the artist, I only needed to get out of the way and allow the audience to become part of the story.”

Congo's Silent Heroes

The next year, a window with names honoring Congolese rape survivors, from half a world away, and seven-foot pillars portraying the stories of courageous refugee women prompted several visitors to confide their own rape stories. In those tender moments, Courage Ablaze helped facilitate small healing steps.

Wing and a Prayer exhibit at ArtPrize 2013
Photo by Paul Willis

Visitors were invited to write a note for children in need and to hang it on the wall for Pamela's Wing and a Prayer installation in 2013. She prepared 20,000 vellum cards. To her astonishment all the vellum cards were quickly used and visitors started posting her business cards on the wall. “The visitors' desire to participate in the healing process couldn't be stopped,” says Pamela. “They created their own pathway to respond.”

Hanging cards on Wall of Hope with over 20,000 already used up Mother and children hanging Hope Card on Healing Tree
Good art evokes emotion…you have done just that with your piece of work. Visitor response

Whether focusing on cancer, rape, autism, sex trafficking, bullying, or school violence, Pamela's installations raise awareness and invite visitors into a healing space. Dozens of stories have emerged as people identify their struggles and release their hurts. Following Pamela's successful ten-year ArtPrize career, her transformative work has expanded into new opportunities—school programs and speaking—as individuals continue to validate art's healing power.

Healing Installation: Wing and a Prayer from Pamela Alderman

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