Pamela's ArtPrize 2012 Series

Artprize 2012

Voted Top 100 Finalist

Courage Ablaze

Raising awareness for the women and children of Congo
Displayed at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel • Grand Rapids

Courage Ablaze - watercolor painting exhibited at ArtPrize 2012

Courage Ablaze, Watercolor on paper, 66x44 inches, 2012

Courage Ablaze exhibit

Courage Ablaze: The Inspiration

Toni's smile and quiet strength drew me. Although her native language was French, a few simple words bridged our lives, and the distance between a Congolese refugee and an American artist narrowed.

My life collided with Toni and other Congolese women at an event where their native dresses trimmed in cowry shells captivated my artistic eye. Before meeting these women, I knew nothing of their country except that it was located somewhere in Africa. The new friendships opened my understanding to Congo's horror of massive-scale rape and genocide.

Though the flames of adversity blazed through the Congolese stories—leaving a charred landscape, these women are rising out of the ashes and rebuilding a new future for their families. Their Portraits of Courage reveal the fierce determination within these remarkable people.

Note: Pseudonyms and models have been used to protect identity. Stories used by permission.

The Flame Tree - displayed at ArtPrize 2012

The Flame Tree

The copper tree represents the African Flame Tree, a resilient tree that showcases brilliant red flowers. The charred frames symbolize the family members slaughtered in Congo's holocaust. Since the beginning of the genocide, an estimated six million people—fathers, mothers, sons, daughters—have been savagely killed.

Though vicious enemies have sought to annihilate the Congolese people, their sturdy generational roots continue to grow. Glowing faces rise under the blackened frames portraying their courageous spirits. And these refugees, like the Flame Tree's blossoms, still radiate stunning beauty.

NOTE: Models have been used to represent the Congolese survivors.

Image: The Flame Tree, Pamela Alderman, Multi media, 48x95 inches, 2012

Congo's Silent Heroes

Congo's Silent Heroes (part of the ArtPrize 2012 Courage Ablaze series)

Mass rape is cheaper than bullets, and it creates more instability. The women feel defenseless; the men are rendered powerless. The goal of sexual violence is simple: Shame the women. Break the men. Destroy a nation.

To the estimated two million Congolese women who have been raped, Congo's Silent Heroes, I dedicate this work.

Courage Ablaze and visitors at ArtPrize 2012

Visitors Respond

Your art encourages the eyes and soul…
This exhibit is very life changing! Kylie
I've seen this ArtPrize entry twice now and I still think it is inspirational and very heartfelt.
I can really feel the art in it.
The black cloth forces the spectator to get involved. It is easy to walk by a flat picture.

Video by Chad Kremer of Zuiderkruis Productions, 2014

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