Pamela's ArtPrize Eight (2016) Installation

ArtPrize Eight (2016) Artist

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Color Me Orange—Color Me Kind

September 21 – October 9 • Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum

Voted Top 25 in Time-Based

Color Me Orange—Color Me Kind during ArtPrize Eight

Bullying is a major concern among youth. No one is immune from hate. The words “Stop bullying” don't cause change. But words like “Be kind” can bring out the best in others. Deliberate small acts of kindness—like encouragement, forgiveness, and love—display strength.

Color Me Orange—Color Me Kind empowers kids to overcome bullying with kindness. By treating everyone like a friend, we color our world in bright colors.

ArtPrize Eight visitors tied 100,000 ribbons on a mesh canvas as a promise to live by the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” If we choose to treat others with kindness—even those hard to like or who are different—we are going against the flow of culture. When kindness colors over hate, we can help heal our world with the message of love.

Read the inspirational story behind Color Me Orange—Color Me Kind and/or learn more about our creative programs.

A group of youth tying ribbons on Color Me Orange—Color Me Kind Close-up of acrylic koi fish on Color Me Orange—Color Me Kind Color Me Orange—Color Me Kind at the beginning of ArtPrize Eight Ribbons being tied on the Color Me Orange—Color Me Kind installation Another one of the 100,000 ribbons about to be tied on the Color Me Orange—Color Me Kind installation

Girl Scouts of Michigan Shore to Shore

During ArtPrize Eight, our hard-working volunteers handed out 100,000 interactive ribbons with additional support provided by the Girl Scouts of Michigan.

Viewer Responses

Love your work and how you actively engage people on such a deep level with your art! Betsy
Your art has the power to change people's lives for good. Thank you! Lincoln

Orange panels from the original Color Me Orange—Color Me Kind ArtPrize installation have been donated to the following schools and organization to continue the message of empowering students to overcome bullying with kindness:

  • Kentwood Public Schools of Kentwood, Michigan
  • Westwood Middle School of Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • William C. Abney Academy of Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Saranac Community Schools of Saranac, Michigan
  • Southwest Community Campus of Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • West Michigan Academy of Spring Lake, Michigan
  • Grand Rapids Public Museum School of Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Lone Pine Elementary School of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
  • Wedgewood Christian Services of Grand Rapids, Michigan
Donated panel from the Color Me Orange—Color Me Kind installation

National youth speaker Jeff Veley utilizes the Color Me Orange—Color Me Kind film as an educational tool for the Campus Peace-Building Initiative

After interacting with ten of thousands of visitors, I've actually survived ten years as an ArtPrize artist, earned all ten t-shirts, and watched special answers to prayers unfold

Special thanks to PlexiCase Incorporated and Bridge Street Electric, Steve Umsted, Marijo Heemstra, Kathy Pluymert, and Patty Alexander for their valuable contributions to Color Me Orange—Color Me Kind

PlexiCaseBridge Street Electric

Hundreds of thousands of individuals have participated in Pamela's hands-on installations since 2010. Drawing on her own journey towards restoration, her work continues to expand to new communities, focusing on finding solutions to life's challenges. Contact Pamela today to commission an interactive project, virtual experience, or inspiring presentation—utilizing art as a healing tool.

Pamela has been an ArtPrize artist since 2009