The Scarlet Cord

Awareness and Healing for Pornography, Rape, and Child Sex Trafficking

Red Jeans Redemption and The Scarlet Cord, based off my ArtPrize 2014 sex trafficking exhibit, offer site-specific installations. Clients can commission an exhibit, showcase a collection of gallery-style paintings, or book a presentation and film. The gallery collection raises awareness for sexual abuse, rape, and those affected by the commercial sex industry, and includes powerful stories of healing. The interactive exhibits give visitors a chance to speak and respond.

The Scarlet Cord Film, recorded during the 2015 Super Bowl in Phoenix, highlights how the survivors of trafficking experienced a sense of new beginnings through the art. The work also explains specific steps for concerned citizens to help eradicate trafficking.

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Red Jeans Redemption

Red Jeans Redemption gives voice to the hidden stories—written on red jeans by anonymous survivors of sexual abuse and rape and sex trafficking survivors from Sacred Beginnings—as each one finds redemption.

Students interact with the Red Jeans Redemption exhibit at Azusa Pacific University in Azusa, California. Students interact with the Red Jeans Redemption exhibit at Azusa Pacific University in Azusa, California.

Students interact with the Red Jeans Redemption exhibit at Azusa Pacific University in Azusa, California.

The Scarlet Cord

The Scarlet Cord successfully partnered with Women at Risk International and Shared Hope International during ArtPrize 2014.

The Scarlet Cord in Phoenix

The Scarlet Cord also showcased in Phoenix during the 2015 Pro Bowl and Super Bowl with StreetLightUSA.

Life Words

Life Words, created for Manasseh Project, endeavors to change the negative and hateful narrative spoken against sex trafficked children into healing and affirmation. The Scarlet Web

The Scarlet Web, an interactive work exhibited at Grand Valley State University, portrays bondage and demands freedom for the children enslaved in the commercial sex industry.

The Scarlet Cord and Miss Michigan

At a 2018 Miss Michigan event, The Scarlet Cord collaborated with Lakeshore Human Trafficking Task Force to promote healing and to help raise awareness for rape and sex trafficking.

Sex trafficking exhibit created by Saugatuck High School students

Pamela also has coached high school and college students in creating their own unique projects.

The Scarlet Cord Videos

Judge Patricia Gardner utilizes The Scarlet Cord Film in the Kent County Courthouse of Grand Rapids, Michigan as an educational tool for juveniles to learn about sex trafficking and its personal impact.

The Scarlet Cord film creative collaborators: Producer Rochelle Raimão, Director Simon Scionka, and Artist Pamela Alderman

The Scarlet Cord and Sex Trafficking was featured as part of the Acton Lecture Series in May of 2015

Kelsey Rottiers sings Midnight Wars with the backdrop of The Scarlet Cord with Pamela Alderman

Hundreds of thousands of individuals have participated in Pamela's hands-on installations since 2010. Drawing on her own journey towards restoration, her work continues to expand to new communities, focusing on finding solutions to life's challenges. Contact Pamela today to commission an interactive project, virtual experience, or inspiring presentation—utilizing art as a healing tool.